The field of online gambling games design is stacked. There are a handful of companies that control almost all of the production when it comes to the games. And they are the giants in the field. This makes it very improbable that new companies will reach the top. However, one such company has indeed made it to the top in a very short period of time. And this company is Yggdrasil Gaming. So, if you wish to learn more about Yggdrasil Gaming, you have come to the right place. Below you will read some more about the merits of this company.

The “Tap Reel” innovation enables very quick changes from manual to automatic mode

History of Yggdrasil Gaming

One of the most conspicuous things about Yggdrasils history is that it’s very short. The company was founded back in 2013 by former NetEnt CEO Frederik Elmqvist. The name of the company is based on a mythological element from the Norse mythology. It’s a tree that represents complexity. And it makes perfect sense that this company would take this name. Their games are far from simple. They feature some exciting features and novelties that you won’t find anywhere else.


And during its short history, Yggdrasil has managed to create many games. Many of them quickly became fan favourites due to their solid design. And Yggdrasil Gaming is the proud recipient of many gaming rewards during the few years that it exists.

Games by Yggdrasil Gaming

The games that this company has made have made waves in the industry. The first game that Yggdrasils company has created was Jokerizer. The game was so good that many publications deemed it the “game of the year”. The entire game features a beautiful design and features adrenaline-packed action.

A year after this first game, Yggdrasil Gaming has released Joker Millions. This was the studio’s first progressive jackpot games. And in a sea of progressive jackpot games made by top studios – this game still managed to become popular. This was due to the beautiful visuals and the exciting bonus features. Moreover, Joker Millions is responsible for dishing out big wins to players. Its cumulative payouts are somewhere over the line of 3 million EUR!

And of course, some of the best games that Yggdrasil has to offer are slot games. It has managed to produce a large variety of different slots that are popular. Many of the internet’s top-tier casino feature a variety of Yggdrasils games. Again, this is due to the fact that these games feature beautiful visuals and exciting new features that can be found nowhere else.

Yggdrasil Gaming’s technological innovations

Yggdrasil Gaming is acclaimed due to the fact that it has made several important technological innovations. One of these innovations is called “Super Free Spins”. This feature means that online casinos will now be able to give unlimited free spins to different section players.

Another important innovation made by this company is Infinite API. This innovation enables online casinos to make a significant boost to the player engagement. Finally, iSENSE 2.0 is a product that went over the limitations of mobile browsers.

Yggdrasil Gaming software’s source code is optimized, compiled, and compressed. This means that their games feature top of the line smooth animations. It also means that the games respond very fast to what the players do. This is especially important in the field of mobile gaming. Players make speedy moves on their smartphones and the games need to register that quickly.

The Yggdrasil games are made with the latest HTML5 technology. This ensures that these games are compatible with many different devices. So, you should have no problems whatsoever in playing these games on your smartphone, for an example. The “Tap Reel” innovation enables very quick changes from manual to automatic mode for making the spins. BRAG is also another important innovation made by Yggdrasil Gaming. This innovation lets players replay their winning spins. And this is an excellent addition to the promotion arsenal for the games.

Yggdrasil Gaming and fairness

The fairness of Yggdrasils games is undisputed. This is due to the fact that the company adheres to the regulations for online gambling. Also, its games are frequently tested by some of the biggest independent testing agencies. In a world that’s rife with shady activities, Yggdrasil Gaming stands for fairness. This company complies with the regulations of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, the Romania National Gambling Office, the Gaming Authority in Malta, and the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.

Individual Yggdrasil games

Yggdrasil is known for some of the slot adaptation games. One of these games is Jungle Books. It’s made on the base of the classic of Rudyard Kipling. It has many features and memorable characters. The music score is also fantastic. You will find it a hard time to leave this game and play something else.

The Beauty and the Beast slot is one of the most popular games in the Yggdrasil arsenal. This game is also based on the classic story of the same name. The bonus features can be combined in many different ways. You can pick different characters and the game itself looks positively stunning.

Super Heroes is another in the line of the Yggdrasil games. This is a rather unique game that has some of the features of the aforementioned two games. It also has its own features as well. This game is about the battle between good and evil. Many heroes will spring up during the battle. And there is a great jackpot that you can hit – 1,000x of your bet.

In conclusion

There is no doubt that Yggdrasil has climbed to be one of the biggest companies in online gambling. Its games are pretty much all fantastic. They feature beautiful visuals and music. And they are very fun to play due to their novel and exciting features. If you enjoy playing online gambling games, then give Yggdrasil a try. We can promise that you won’t be disappointed. Try playing some of the recommended games from above and see for yourself what Yggdrasil Gaming is all about.

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