History of Online Gambling in the UK

Legalization Of Gambling – And Online Gambling

It has been a journey to get where we are now with online gambling. The first legal casino in Britain was established in 1961, it was the Casino Club Port Tablot located in Wales. Gambling and Betting were legalized in Britain under the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960, which legalized casinos and Bingo halls.

After the law, numerous commercial casinos popped up throughout the country and allowed large resort-style casinos. In 2007, Manchester declared they would be building a “super casino,” to rival those found on the Las Vegas Strip. However, rather than building a super casino, the House of Lords decided it would be better to erect 16 smaller casinos in order to boost the economies of small towns.

In 2003, there was a legislative push to legalize online gambling. Due to the countries already liberal stance on online gambling, it seemed only fitting they respond to the advances in technology by legalizing online gambling in the U.K. The Gambling Act of 2005 paved the way for online gambling. The legal age to gamble online is 18 years old.

Sports Gambling

Sports betting has a long presence in British culture. The gambling act in 1960 made sports betting laws significantly more relaxed, as opposed to the strict controls placed on it in the years prior. For example, the law legalized off course bookmakers. Bookmakers, or betting shops, are popular venues for gambling in the UK. People enjoy betting on horse races, greyhound races, and football.

In 2009, the estimated worth of the sports betting market in the U.K. was valued at £650 million and has only been increasing, typically compounding at 9%. This is a huge market that continues to expand with the precedence and continuation of relaxed betting laws in the United Kingdom. Soon betting on esports in a casino is expected to grow bigger than regular sports betting.

Remote Online Gambling

Prior to the 1960s Gambling and Betting Act, betting off course was illegal. Although, bets by phone were considered legal. This form of gambling is increasing in popularity more than all others. Online betting is sky-rocketing in popularity. Of 8000 people surveyed, in 2010 10.5% said they had participated in online gambling, up from 7.2%  in 2006. Prior to 2001, there was a 10%

Prior to 2001, there was a 10% on bets for off-course bookers. However, this tax ended up being abolished in new legislation within the general gambling reform. Now, there is a 15% tax on the total profits. Now that we are in 2017, online users, profits, and payouts are expected to surpass any other year since legalization. Mobile online gambling will play a huge role in the increased presence of online gambling. In this age, smart phones and connecting with consumers via phone application is an integral part of business models and greatly increase revenues. Since gambling has gone online, having mobile apps to gamble on is paramount. Since people are always using and carrying their phones, no way is better to pass time than online gambling via your phone. Some mobile casino apps are even tailored for group or corporate events.

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