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Online Casino: What You Need to Know

At New Casino Star, we always want you to win big, as we are very passionate about free spins and casino bonuses with online casino, mobile casino and live casino play. We often get asked questions about the right time for players to withdraw their earnings. “When is the right time to cash out one’s earnings?” is one of the most frequent questions on the grapevine. Players wonder if it is right to withdraw earning as soon as one hits it big. Players also wonder if keeping ones earning in the game after a big win is a good move.

First of all, you should consider how long it will take to process your withdrawal. Although depositing is instant, withdrawal may take up to 5 days to process. This delay is to ensure the security and protection of each withdrawal request. You should consider the number of days it will take to process your withdrawal request if you need the money to settle urgent needs. Before you initiate a withdrawal process, assess your finances and be sure that any delay in the process will not affect you drastically.

What To Do With Your Online Casino Winnings

About winning big and having a large sum of money in your account, it is important to consider available options. You could decide to keep the money in your account for other games. There’s always more online casino, live casino and mobile casino games to play. You could also decide to withdraw specific amounts from your account if you don’t intend playing more games. Whatever decision you take, ensure that you consider your safety. You should also take sustainable decisions.

Most players are also concerned about the authenticity of the online casino, free spins and casino bonus they will play. No player wants to be scammed, and we do not want any player to be scammed. At New Casino Star, the safety of our clients is a top priority. There are certain signs that give away a fake game. If you have been playing a certain game for a while, you will be able to tell the signs.

Spotting Fake Online Casinos

If you are familiar with a live casino or online casino game, you should be able to tell differences in the loading screen. Fake online casino and live casino games often present slight differences in the loading screen. Such differences may be signs of trouble.  If you are well acquainted with a game or paytable, differences in the ruleset should be noticeable to you. Although the rules of telling a fake casino game are not well spelled out, you should watch out for differences. You should also try memorizing the rules of your favourite game. You never can tell when you will need that memory to save the day.

Our excitement about casino bonuses and mobile casino has grown so much that we decided to combine them. This is the year where we bring you a range of bonus, and there’s one for everyone. The online casino market brings you several bonuses. We plan to introduce different types of mobile casino bonuses. The bonuses we are introducing are for both returning players and everyone else, including newbies. The bonus options are endless. There is the welcome bonus for newbies, and there are also cashback casino bonuses and free spins.

Good News For Players

We have more good news. You can also get special casino bonuses from playing the game on your mobile phone or smart device. Throughout this year, we will be giving out casino bonuses, free spins, and endless promotions. Whether you are a newbie or returning player, we have something for you. You should be expectant.

At New Casino Star, we give you all you have ever wanted and more. We are interested in you enjoying the game and exploring options such as free spins, casino bonuses, and mobile casino. We also give you the live casino experience where you get to challenge other real players. You get this total experience with an online casino. We did say we would give you all your wishes and more.

We have also ensured that you get the maximum experience throughout with fantastic promotions that are just one click away. We aim to give you the best experience and help you become a casino master in no time. With the free spins, casino bonuses and other inspirations we offer, we hope to get you to love the games as much as we do. We only advise that you conduct your activities with due diligence and stay safe. The safer you are, the more fun we have lined up for you will be.

Online Casino Safety Tips

Here are some of the most useful tips on how to stay safe while playing on a casino online. Read this recommendations carefully to minimize the risk of getting into problems.

Online Casino Scams

We understand the importance of safety in terms of online casino, and we are committed to ensuring your safety. The prevalence of scamming gamblers has been on an increase all over the world since online gambling was legalised. In 2017, the scamming of gamblers was also very prevalent. Legal sites host fraudulent sites that lead consumers and investors astray. These fraudulent sites threaten the legitimacy of online gambling as they have caused several disheartening experiences.

Middle-class players who make large investments and elderly investors are most susceptible to the ploys of the scammers. Scammers typically encourage consumers to make purchases such as sports betting software. Consumers, in turn, receive no reward for their investments. You should consider most emails and calls that encourage you to make certain purchases in an online gambling site as fake. Scammers typically engage in such activities.

Real-Life Online Casino Scam

A real-life online casino scam happened in 2013 when NGR binary hid behind ambitious regulations to scam its users. Although the site was run in Israel, it was registered in the UK. Until the downfall of the platform, its consumers could earn large payouts from making simple actions. Simples bets on commodities, stocks, and markets earned the clients large payouts. In the end, the customers were duped millions of dollars. Hundreds of consumers lost sizeable amounts, from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Clients of NGRBinary were pressured to take certain actions such as selling and moving money. The website also carried out unauthorized actions on behalf of the clients. Scams such as this remind us of our commitment to the safety of our clients.

General Online Casino Safety Tips

All online casino-related activities come with a level of risk. The duty of the casino operator is to ensure that the threats are mitigated. Even the servers of reputable casinos are susceptible to hacking threats. Different casinos adhere to certain terms and conditions in relation to recourse, accessibility of funds and customer service. Be sure to go through the terms and conditions and ensure that you are satisfied with them. These terms and conditions bind your activities with the casino. As a player, before you deposit any money, be sure of the safety of the online casino you are patronizing.

Fake casinos tend to apply certain tactics in enticing customers. One of the tactics for enticing clients employed by fake casinos is outlandishly attractive bonuses. You should be wary of such bonuses. Fake casinos also tend to give a one-week grace period for withdrawals. The withdrawal request may be lost or mixed up during this period. Lack of legal recourse is also a major attribute of fake casinos; this enables them to get away with malpractices. Fake casinos also tend to pay out jackpots in installments enabling them to reduce the full value of the jackpots.

Fake casinos also include terms that enable them to rig clients and void their winnings. Ensure that it is not the case with your preferred casino before depositing your money.

Online Casino Regulations

The Gambling Act of 1960 and the Gambling Act of 2005 protects citizens of the UK when they gamble in online casinos within the UK. If a citizen of the UK gambles at a foreign casino, they lose the right to legal recourse should payouts be refused. Mobile and online casinos in the UK offer Special Protection which may not be available in other foreign countries. The extra protection offered by UK-based casinos are linked to Gaming Commission and Customer Rights Organizations. There are also foreign casinos that provide excellent protection and customer services likened to what is attainable in the UK.

Different countries provide different legal coverings in relation to online gambling. The laws might even differ with states and providences. You should be familiar with the laws concerning online gambling in your locality before you begin playing. Otherwise, dire consequences could follow. Illegal online gambling is highly dangerous and not recommended, as one could into serious trouble as a result. Legal actions could be taken against a person that engages in illegal online gambling. In case of payout refusal or fraudulent activities, legal options are also limited with illegal online gambling. We do not encourage illegal online gambling, and there are serious repercussions from participating in illegal online gambling all over the world. The UK and other European countries protect their citizens from poor treatment during online gambling and scams. The laws of these countries ensure the safety of online gambling for their citizens.

Introduction To Online Casinos

At Online Casino Squad, we are at the top of the game regarding online casinos and bonuses in the UK. We are very much involved in the online casino market in the UK and are highly interested in casino bonuses. We offer all you need whether online casino or mobile casino or

live casino. Online Casino Squad offers free spins for online casinos, mobile casinos and live casino. In case you are not sure of what all these mean, we hope to give you a thorough explanation with this piece. We will be giving you the history of casino bonuses. We will also be highlighting the importance of casino bonuses, and how you can make the most of them. We hope to get you involved as much as we are.

Mobile Casino Breakdown

First of all, we will discuss the benefits of an online casino over a walk-in casino. A major point for online casino is convenience. The Internet has made a lot of things more much convenient. Online casino is one of the ways the Internet enhance the convenience of online gambling. With the Internet, you get a mobile casino, free spins, live casino and online casino without leaving the house. A lot of people look forward to Vegas trip to enjoy the casino experience. With online casino, you don’t have to about that factors that must line up for you to get that Vegas trip. Most times, the factors do not even line up.

With online casinos, you don’t have to, worry about transport or any other factor that could hinder your experience. From the comfort of your home, you get casino bonus offers and free spins. No wonder more people are beginning to subscribe to online gambling with online casinos in the UK. Thought online casinos were the best technology had to offer online gambling, think again!

Mobile casinos even provide a more convenient option. With mobile casinos, you get to play mobile slots with your phone. Mobile casinos offer casino bonuses and free spins on smart services. Irrespective of your location, mobile casinos give you the complete experience which includes free spins and casino bonuses. You may also win one of the promotions we intend for.  Mobile casinos bring casinos on the go with no location barrier.

Interacting Safely With Online Casinos

We have been mentioning free slots and spins, and you may be wondering why those services are free on both online and mobile casino. We know, it’s worth wondering. We provide these free services to give you a taste of what we offer. How else will you know what you’re missing? We want you to wager money on our games after you have been satisfied with their quality. That’s why we offer free spins at Online Casino Squad. We provide casino bonuses to share our passions with you. We offer casino bonuses to share our love for what we do with you.

The safety of online casinos is a hot topic, and we get questions about it frequently. Players want to know if new casinos online casinos are safe. Yes, they are. Casino operators understand the importance of privacy and security and provide measures to enhance the level of security and privacy. Internet users like to stay anonymous and casino operators provide such an environment. With online casinos, your privacy and anonymity are guaranteed. You get to enjoy free slots from our website in the comfort of your home without anyone tracing it back to you.

If you prefer to interact with other players, you can do so with the live casinos. Live casinos allow players to engage with other real-life players. You can also enjoy playing with and meeting different levels of players without leaving your comfort zone.

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