Best Casino Bonus 2020 In The UK

New Casino Star is created for and by casino players. We a combined expertise of more than 30 years we want to give you only the best of the best that the market has to offers. With more and more regulations it is getting some casinos are decreasing there bonus offers dramatically. But there are still many generous casino bonuses out there on the UK market. Read more below on how to find the best casino bonus 2020.

An Expose On Casino Bonuses 2020

At New Casino Star, we are committed to finding you the best online games that offer new casino bonuses. If you have been wondering about how to go about finding new casino business, worry no more. Our team is on your side and is constantly on the lookout for new casino bonus. We work with a novel approach. With most sites partnering with casino operators, we work independently to ensure that you get all the new casino bonus. We are an independent team of expert gamblers that love to play and win. We thus maximize all available opportunities to achieve our goal. Our team of expert gamblers includes both professional and expert gamblers with a passion for winning and making money.

Most recommendations of online casinos these days are part of a strategic marketing campaign. Players are finding it increasingly hard to find honest reviews and recommendations. If a player decides to search for a certain casino game online today, there is a high probability that fake reviews and recommendations will be more than the genuine ones. We make up for the gap in honest reviews of online casino games, as we provide unbiased opinions. We work tirelessly to find several new casino bonuses. For 2020, we have put a compilation of online casino games with new bonus together.

The list we compiled is not biased, as our aim is to ensure that you get the most out of your favourite casino games in 2020. The list below offers you some casino games in the UK with attractive new casino bonus. Be sure to look out for those with welcome bonuses. With welcome bonuses, you enjoy the benefits even before you start playing. Please find our 2020 list of the best casinos games with bonuses

Casino Bonus For Online Casinos

At New Casino Star, we aim to share our passion with you and get you to win in the process. We have found out that one of the ways of helping you enjoy online casino games more is by sharing casino bonuses with you. Your chances of winning consistently are also improved with new online bonuses. So we committed ourselves to finding UK new casino bonuses. Casino games can be fun and engaging. But the fun reduces if you lose consistently. No one likes to lose money consistently on a game no matter how interesting and engaging it is.

Casino operators provide casino bonuses to get the attention of gamblers, and that strategy is still effective to date. The increased competition in the online gambling industry has made the bonuses offered by casino providers even juicier. Casino operators try to outdo themselves with the bonuses. There are the bonuses that come in the form of jackpot slot, and there are those in form of free spins. Apart from free spins and jackpot slots, players also have several other types of bonuses to choose from. New casino bonuses offer a range of benefits. Players with the right casino bonus get extra time to play a game, get acquainted with the game and develop a winning strategy. Remember we said we are committed to you enjoying and winning your favourite online casino game.

Casino Bonus Offers – Types

Every new player that signs up at a casino gets a welcome bonus. This is one type of new casino bonus that you should look forward to, and it is one of the best bonuses. You don’t have to be involved in any other activity apart from signing up to get a welcome bonus. Other new casino bonus types come when you show activity as an experienced player. The more activity to show as an experienced player. The higher the chances of you getting casino bonuses. Another type of casino bonus offer is the special treatment you get as your activity and experience increases. With this form of casino bonus, you get sort of a VIP treatment.

For 2020, there are a lot of VIP-like casino bonuses offers, and you should look forward to making the most of them. As a way of attracting new customers, several casinos offer free spins. With a free spin, you get to play without depositing your money. You could still also deposit your money and increase your chances of winning though. But if you want to just try your hands at a game and get of feel of it, free spins are some of the bonuses you need. Although the odds of winning big with a bonus play are low, you could still enjoy a game with free spins. You could also deposit money and increase your chances of winning.

There is no defined list of the types of casino bonuses offered by operators. What one operator offers might be different from the next operator offers. You shouldn’t be led by the information about other operators when seeking information about a specific operator. The bonuses offered by operators are aimed at attracting the audience they seek. One operator may offer free spins to get the job done, while another may offer another type of bonus.

Each casino site has a page dedicated to bonuses. The page promotes current bonuses, and it’s a great place to check out the 2020 bonuses offered by casinos in the UK. You can go through the list of bonuses offered by a casino and find the one that suits you best.

Welcome Bonus

Like we rightly mentioned earlier, you should watch out for welcome bonuses, and it is the best type of casino bonus. With this bonus, you do not need to make a deposit before you are eligible. Since you do not deposit money, you are also not at risk of losing money. If you also win, you can withdraw all your winnings without a wager. The welcome bonus is also known as a no-deposit bonus and is common with casino operators. Maybe it’s their way of thanking people that register for their registration giving them a piece of the action. Welcome bonus usually comes in the form of a free spin.

The free spin gives players a chance at the slot machine reel without making a deposit. One could also increase chances of winning by making a deposit, although the deposit is not obligatory. A deposit also increases one’s chances of winning a big jackpot.

Bonus Types and Recommendations

We recommend that you watch out for welcome bonuses if you just want to get the feel of a game without risking any money. If you are not sure whether a game is worth investing it, play the game with a welcome bonus and decide afterward. With welcome bonuses, you get a piece of the action. If that piece convinces you well enough, you can decide to commit to the game. 2020 welcome bonuses are the best ways to run a no-commitment test.

Here’s an example of how the bonus works. You get a welcome bonus when you register. Afterwards, let’s say you make your first deposit. With that deposit comes the welcome bonus that is usually very attractive. Casino operators make the welcome bonus very attractive, as it gets you to test the game. The welcome bonus can be as much as twice or thrice your deposit. You could also get free additional spins. It is noteworthy that the bonus every player gets differ.

Casino operators tailor the welcome bonuses to suit the needs of the players. The preferences and risk-taking abilities of players also differ. Some of them just want to win big, while others play little consistently. As the activity of a player increases, casino operators develop a pattern and offer welcome bonuses to suit that pattern. The welcome bonus is also adjusted as players get acquainted with the system.

Free Money

Free money is similar to welcome casino bonus.  Just as the name implies, with Free money you get a chance to win money without any monetary commitment. This means that you can win money without making any deposit. You should also watch out for free money if you intend to test a game without any commitments. Free money, however, differs from free spins. With Free money, you can play any of the casino games available on the site. On the other hand, with free spins, you are allowed to use the bonus on only one slot spin, that of the new casino game. You could say free money gives more freedom than free spins.

Match Bonus

Match bonus is another type of bonus offered by casino operators. With match bonus, casino operators try to keep you interested, as you begin to make deposits. Match bonus could be described as operators’ ways of giving you extra value for your commitment. Let’s say you make a deposit of £50, you may get a match bonus of 200% increasing the value of your deposit to £200. With this, you get a lot of extra value for your deposit. With match bonuses, you could also get other benefits such as free spins and loyalty rewards. The matching bonus also comes with the benefit of no-deposit bonus at times in addition to the extra value for your deposit.


Just like VIP treatment applies to different settings, casino operators also offer preferential treatment as the activity of players increase. Since this bonus comes with an increased level of action, players with higher levels of activity have better chances at this bonus. VIP bonuses are common in the online gambling industry, and they come in different forms. VIP bonuses could be in the form of bonuses, promotions and loyalty points.

VIP bonuses are the way casino operators show their appreciation to regular players. The more you play, the higher your level. The higher the level, the better your chances of getting VIP bonuses. VIP bonuses depend on the approach of the operators, and they differ across casinos.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs work like VIP bonuses and are given based on a membership system. Casino operators establish loyalty programs as a way of appreciating their members.  The more active a player is, the higher the players’ loyalty points. Loyalty points can be redeemed in different forms such as bonus and other rewards according to the discretion of the casino operator.

Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are another type of casino bonus, and they come in a slightly different manner. Players are motivated to try a game to get a reward. For example, players could be asked to complete a puzzle with letters that make up the bonus code. Bonus codes can be offered at different places in a game and are offered to both players starting out and the experienced ones.


Casino operators offer cashback bonuses as a form of insurance against losing streaks. Losing streaks could be very uninspiring, and casino operators offer inspiration in the form of cashback bonuses. As a player, you can apply your cashback bonus to get the monetary value of the bonus back and help with losing streaks.

New Casino Star recommendations for Casino Bonus 2020

Things change very quickly in the 2020 online casino market. With every casino trying to beat the next with promotions and bonuses, things could get cluttered. Some of the offers will lead to unbelievable results, while others may have disappointing results. The key to winning with 2020 casino bonuses is to choose the right bonus. Then, you will able to apply the bonuses to enjoy your favourite game and keep on winning.

We are committed to helping you enjoy your favourite game and winning in the process. You should bookmark our site to keep in touch with all the secrets we intend to share with you. We do not take our commitment to your success lightly. New Casino Star promises to bring you all the information you need to make the most of 2020 casino bonuses. We do not just share waves of the moment. We provide information that will guide you through the process of winning a game while enjoying every moment of playing it. Do go through the above list again, and share your thoughts on our bonuses.

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