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Live Casino – The Scoop

Live Casino to us here at New Casino Star is one of the best ways to play casino. Live play connects you to a dealer and places you in a game that is already in play. You literally get a seat at the table and play alongside players just like yourself. Throughout the game, you have the ability to chat with the dealer in via microphone or chatbot and the dealer most often answers you directly giving you a sense of security and legitimacy that you’re not just watching a recording. In our opinion Live play is an awesome way to play and at the time the most engaging and overall fun. We are excited for the 2019 circuit as there are a plethora of new games coming out throughout the year, each one better than the first.

New Casino Star Live Casino Recommendations 2019

Live CasinoIt is true that Live casino play is pricier than playing on your mobile or online. This is why a number of live casino 2019 games offered don’t even come close to the offering in other online casino markets. However, in 2019 we see an increase in Live offerings as player demand for these kinds of games increases exponentially.

Casinos understand that the cost can be off putting, as games are sometimes 3-5x more than your average online casino game. However for players that are specifically into games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and the such, Live Casino play is often going to be your most engaging and enjoyable way to play.

Here at New Casino Star, we are always keeping up with the Casino scene as well as any bonus offers available for live casino players.

It’s an exciting time to be in the Casino scene for both players and those that develop these games. There are rapid improvements happening on a weekly basis to online Casino games and as the competition to attract players increases benefits and bonuses to attract these players flow boundlessly.

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