The field of online casino gambling has exploded in recent history, not long after the internet was created. The fact of the matter is that there is a huge market – there are many people that wish to gamble. And the online gambling sector has cornered a big part of the market.

That being said, there are many online gambling game designers. It’s a highly profitable business and the companies make huge profits. So, one of the best of these companies goes by the name of NetEnt. What’s this company all about? Read the rest of the review in order to find out.

their games handled 41.2 billion gaming transactions in 2017

About NetEnt

Few people realize that NetEnt is one of the oldest companies that have made online gambling games. In fact, they have a more than 20 years old history ever since they have been created. In fact, they have created the first piece of online gambling software on the market.

Now they are a top-tier company and they have designed some of the best gambling games to date. The estimates show that their games handled 41.2 billion gaming transactions in 2017. This should tell you how widely used and popular are their games. The company employs more than 1000 people in offices all around the world.


NetEnt’s work ethic

NetEnt strives to perfect the craft of online gambling games design. So, they strive not only for fun and innovative. They also make their games with solid designs when it comes to their structure. NetEnt’s games are all but faultless when you look at them in this way.

So, it goes without saying that you’ll be able to find NetEnt’s games at the top-tier new casinos. In fact, more than 200 casinos feature at least one NetEnt game and in most cases more than that.
To date, NetEnt has designed around 200 games. As mentioned, these are all available at the top-tier online casinos. Be sure to check them out and see if you like them yourself.

NetEnt is also widely known for their efforts in the field of mobile gambling. This is a relatively new field as smartphones have gotten powerful only recently. But in 2016, NetEnt made 40% of their entire revenues for the year based on mobile gaming. In this sense, NetEnt is one of the most forward-thinking online casino games designers.

Games made by NetEnt

To be fair, NetEnt has designed its fair share of classic gambling games. These don’t really stand out very much. However, they do get the job done in the end.

But when it comes to providing something new – the NetEnt slots are kings. NetEnt has designed some of the biggest names in the field of online slots to date. One of their most popular games is Gonzo’s Quest. This game seems dated today – but originally it exploded on the market. It was created with a lot of novelties and new features that haven’t been seen anywhere else. Also, the visuals were stunning for the time. Millions of people have played this game and enjoyed it.

Mega Fortune is a NetEnt game that features progressive jackpots. If you’re new to gambling – progressive jackpots are where the real money is at. In this way, if you hit a progressive jackpot, you can win millions. And NetEnt’s Mega Fortune has some of the biggest jackpots to date.

There are also movie-based slots that you can play. One of them is Aliens. This game is based on the legendary movies that bear the same name. It’s a very fun game with exciting visuals and video features.
In this sense, NetEnt really manages to outdo itself when it comes to gripping storylines. Back in the day people played slots because they were incredibly simple. But today, developers like NetEnt really try and endow their slot games with a soul. If you want to have a deeper experience at the slots, then be sure to check NetEnt’s slot games.

Reasons to play NetEnt games

We have mentioned that NetEnt’s slot games are exciting and deep. However, there are many different reasons as to why anyone would want to play this company’s games. First of all, there are many different NetEnt games.

It would take you a while before you’ll be able to see them all. And NetEnt’s games span many different themes. There are the slots, there are virtual reality games, and there are classic casino games. In all cases, there is definitely something for everyone.

And NetEnt’s movie-themed slots are something that you can enjoy no matter who you are. You can see that NetEnt’s development team really tried to capture the essence of these legendary movies. You can see this in effect in the slot games “The Invisible Man”, “Dracula”, and a few others.

They are not only bland copies of the movies. They manage to create something new while still keeping faithful to the original. So, if you want to experience your favourite movie on another level – try doing so with NetEnt’s slots.

Above all else, NetEnt’s games are very fun to play. They have exciting new features that you can enjoy seeing at play. Today slot games aren’t only about making or losing money. They’re about having fun as well. And, in this sense, NetEnt’s games are some of the best.

And there are countless other reasons as to why you should try playing some of NetEnt’s games. Be sure to check them out and see for yourself.

NetEnt Game Developer – In conclusion

NetEnt has proven its legitimacy as one of the biggest names in online gambling game design. That being said, there are hundreds of exciting games in their portfolio. And they are available at many of the top-level online casinos. Also, they feature solid payout rates – which is why you’re gambling in the first place. But above else, NetEnt’s games feature something that you can’t find anywhere. Call it esoteric, but we truly believe that NetEnt’s games have a soul of their own. We can only speculate about how many other great games this company will design in the future.

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