Developing software for online casinos is a serious business. In fact, it’s a multi-million dollar industry. This precipitates the possibility for many companies to enter the market. And many companies have indeed entered the market.

One of the oldest names in this field is that of Playtech. They have made some fantastic pieces of online gambling software for online casinos. And they are one of the biggest brands in the field. So, below you will be able to read some more information about this company. You will learn more about its history and about its games. That being said, we hope that you will enjoy reading the rest of this review.

History of Playtech

The beginning of this company starts in the country of Estonia – in the city of Tartu. Back in 1999, Teddy Sagi and various partners founded Playtech. Many people from the software engineering, casino, and multimedia industries were involved in this enterprise.

The first casino product that Playtech made was launched back in 2001. Ever since then, this company is on a roll. It has grown to be one of the most respected names in the industry. The most frequent customers of this company are some blue-chip companies. Among them, you will find William Hill, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Sisal, and many others.


The valuation of Playtech on the AIM market in March 2006 was at around $950 million. However, at one point the value of the company took a big hit. This was due to the enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act in the same year. The stocks of Playtech went down 40% for the day.
During its history, Playtech has acquired many smaller companies. It has incorporated them into its structure, and rather successfully at that. Some of these companies are IGS, Mobenga, Virtue Fusion Ash Gaming, and Quickspin, among others.

Playtech games

During the rich history of the company, Playtech created around 600 games. This is, in part, due to the aforementioned fact that they incorporated specialists in their company. And this has enabled them to create solid pieces of online gambling software. That being said, their games span many different fields. You can find poker games, roulette games, slot games – and many other different kinds of games.

The use of the strength of the combined forces will help cement Playtech’s place in the field of gambling. And the vast number of games of different types will guarantee that the players will have lots of fun.

The newer games that Playtech has made all feature HTML5 technology. This ensures cross-platform compatibility. You won’t have any issues with playing their games on your smartphone or on your laptop.

Also, Playtech opened a casino of their own. This was back in 2017 in Estonia. The casino spans over 8,500 square meters. There are live games that go on 24/7 all year long. And there are native speaking dealers for various languages, including Italian, Spanish, and others.

As far as the games themselves go, there are a number of headlines that you should definitely check out. Playtech’s forte is the online slot games. Some examples of games that you can play are Rocky, Gladiator, Great Blue, Archer, and many others. They distinguish themselves from the rest by introducing great new features and bonuses. There are also wonderful graphics that you can enjoy and appreciate.

Playtech and shady activities

However, you do need to be aware that not everything is rosy when it comes to this company. Playtech has been involved in a number of scandals in the past. There were frequent reports of the company changing the affiliates terms and conditions, retroactively.

But one of the biggest scandals in Playtech’s history was the progressive jackpot scandal. This originally happened in one of Playtech’s affiliate casinos. The lucky winner of the progressive jackpot won more than 4 million dollars. However, she was initially denied taking all this money. The reason for this was that the terms and conditions at the casino state that the cap limit for withdrawals was $9,000. So, it would take slightly less than 40 years for the winner to withdraw the money.

So, the winner of the progressive jackpot wrote an angry letter to the CEO. He replied from an anonymous Yahoo account (so as to prevent tracking). He said that the winner could get half of the sum immediately. All she had to do was forgo the other half. And this deal was concluded at the reluctance of the winner.

This immediately placed the casino in the “rogue” section of legit casino lists on the internet. However, it’s necessary to say that not all of the Playtech casinos are shady. In fact, we can track the shadiness down to just a few bad apples. So, in most cases, you will have no problem with using Playtech software whatsoever.

In conclusion

There are many reasons why Playtech is one of the biggest names in the field of online gambling. They have created some of the best pieces of software in this field. And this software is rightfully used by some of the biggest blue-chip companies in the field of betting. They feature some of the best games on the market. You will seldom find it a hard task to find a good game in the Playtech selection.

However, you also need to be careful when playing at some of the Playtech casinos. There is a worryingly high number of reports of shady activities. And the above mentioned mega jackpot scandal is only one of them. But to be fair, for the most part, you won’t have any problems with playing at the Playtech casinos. Most people report that they are fully satisfied with what Playtech has to offer.

And we can only imagine what the future holds for this company. It’s already one of the biggest names in the field of online gambling. Without a doubt, they will design many other new games to expand their portfolio. And we at NewCasinoStar hope that you will have a fantastic time playing some of the Playtech games.

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