Guides aims to get our players a full-scale online casino guide to help you not only to find the best casino bonuses right not but also to help you out with questions concerning casinos in general. Due to this, our guides on this page is made to give you better knowledge about every little part of playing at an online casino. Below, you will be able to find articles related to this subject and read out thoughts and pure info.

The world of online casino is constantly expanding, why it is quite important for a casino player to keep up-to-date. Just a couple of years ago, live casino and tournaments were non-existing. Today, it is some of the biggest parts on many casino sites. Therefore, due to the fast movement, we want to give you a good and fast way to brush up on your knowledge. The guides on this website will hopefully help you and your gambling.

Old & New Guides

We already are able to offer you some guides for the most common casino games and such. However, we aim to add more and more articles throughout the time and write about the most interesting subjects at any given time. The online casinos today constantly continually creates new ways of appealing players, some good and some not so good. New Casino Star will give you the answers to what you should look for and what not. As always, we ask you to please contact us if you are missing some guides on a topic that you want to learn more about. We can’t always guarantee that we can give it to you straight away, but the main idea is to deliver as soon as possible for your convenience.


Please have a look at some of our guides written so far, hopefully, you will find out something new that will help you along your way gambling at new online casinos!

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