Age of the Gods Slot

f you know anything about online gambling games, then you have definitely heard of Playtech. This is a company that has put out some of the best games in the field. Their games have a lot of flair and are of high quality. This means that there are great chances that you will enjoy them. That being said, today we will talk about Age of the Gods. This is a well-known and beloved game made by Playtech. That being said, you will learn more information about it right now.

Gameplay of the game

playtech age of the godsThe most important subject when it comes to any slot game is the gameplay. Does the game feel fun when you play it? Or is it boring? Are there new and exciting features that you can look forward to? In this sense, our verdict is that Age of the Gods is a fun iteration of the age-old slot formula.

To be fair, all slot games operate alike. The gameplay is very simple. All you need to do is place a bet and spin the reels. And this formula has stood the test of time. The slot machines and online slot games are some of the most popular gambling games to date. There are no signs that this trend will ever let out – especially in the near future.

And Age of the Gods plays very much like your usual slot game. You first need to select your bet. There are a few options that you can choose from. After you have done this, you will need to press the spin button. And that’s it. Truth be told, if you look for layers of complexity in gambling games – then you should look for other games.

But if simplicity is what you’re after, then you should definitely try Age of the Gods. It’s a good slot that can help you have some fun while playing it. You can also make some money while playing this game. And this is what you’re here for, after all.

Symbols in Age of the Gods

There are a few different kinds of symbols you can look forward to. The lowest value symbols that you can get are the cards. This is the exact case in many of the other slot games as well. Then there’s the helmet of ancient Greek warriors. Finally, the most powerful symbols of all are the ancient Greek gods. And this is what the game is about, after all.

There’s Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, Hercules, and Hades. All of these symbols have their own respective values and they have their special features as well. The game itself features 20 pay lines and their number is fixed. This is one thing less to worry about.

There are two special symbols as well. One of them is the Age of the Gods symbol. If you hit three or more of them on the reels, then you will get access to a bonus. The final symbol of the game is the wild symbol. You can use this symbol in order to replace all other symbols. The scatter is the sole exception to this rule.

Special features in the game

It would be a missed opportunity if Playtech hadn’t implemented some extra features. After all, the ancient Greek gods were mythical beings that held great powers. It only makes sense that there will be some fun, exciting features as a bonus to this game.

First of all, if you land all the five different god symbols, you will activate the Pantheon of Gods. This means that you will get a huge win of 200x of your original bet! Depending on the size of your bet, you will be able to get a lot of money.

If you hit three scatter symbols, you will get access to the bonus game. A new screen will open in front of you. You will have 20 new fields in which to choose from. Your mission is to match three God symbols of the same kind. Then you will activate the god’s particular mini bonus game. If you hit the Hades symbol here – then the bonus game ends.

And there are different bonuses in the different mini-games. You’ll get a number of free spins with various multipliers. This depends on the particular God that you will choose.

Age of the Gods – Theme, music and graphics

the age of the gods slotBy now you should know about the theme of Age of the Gods. Even the name tells you about it. The theme is the ancient Greek mythology. As you know by now, there are different gods in the game. The fact is that there are many slot games that utilize mythological themes. The theme of gods is highly popular among slot games. This is because of how mythology can interact with our imagination.

There is no music in the game. This can be a nuisance to some of you. Many of the slot players have come to expect that there will be music in the slot games. But this is not the case with Age of the Gods. However, this can be a good thing too. You will have fewer distractions. You will be better able to enjoy the core of the game.

And the graphics are beautiful. The Gods are all beautifully drawn. The drawing style shows the authority of the Gods and their strength and beauty. So, you will be positively attracted to the way the game is drawn and animated. It shows the level of skill that the Playtech staff has.

To sum it all up

Age of the Gods is a great slot game that anyone could pick up and enjoy. That being said, you can just as well try it out for yourself. We can talk about it for days on end, but if you don’t try it you won’t know. And the game itself is very fun. We hope that you will manage to hit the Pantheon of Gods feature. This will bring you a big profit and will make you feel glad you have tried this game out.

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