Creative new casino making moves on in the online market. They offer a strong bonus and offer a good variety of NetEnt game choices. Casino has the right to change bonus offer at any time.


  • Great Bonus Offer
  • NetEnt Gaming Platform
  • Mobile Platform


  • No 24 hour support

Overall Rating

SlotsMoon Info

SlotsMoon casino is one of those brands that never should have come to life. First of all, the people behind it are very unserious and very hard to get in contact with. The same goes for the support. This is not exactly the kind of review to give players a feel whether or not you should try it out. It is more a warning to stay away. Once we learned about this brand, everything look alright. The website is not the most beautiful one, but many aren’t. However, soon enough we learned that both players and other involved people have had a hard time with this brand. So, for you that read this review, make sure to stay away.

Why SlotsMoon is a bad casino

If you have a hard time to get in contact with an online casino, usually this is a very bad thing. We have had this issue many times with this brand, and many with us. We have also heard about people having trouble to get paid and such. On top of this, the game offer isn’t any specific and the bonuses are very ordinary.

We like that new people are trying to get into the casino business and build something new. But some might not be prepared for the cost and effort they need to put in to make it great. At SlotsMoons casino they haven’t got all the way and sadly this affects the players in every kind of way.

Finally, they have changed their affiliation program to one that doesn’t work at all at the moment. Staybet Casino is a brand from the same developers, so we want to raise a warning flag for that brand at the same time. Just go with some of the more classic ones and have a good time. It is only unnecessary to take a risk at SlotsMoons casino.

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