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platooners slotELK is a relatively new company in the field of iGaming. However, they have made a name for themselves in a small period of time. They have made some of the best slots on the market. The slots are this company’s specialty. And one of the most popular headlines that they have produced is Platooners. So, if you want to learn some more about this game, then this review is the perfect option. You will learn more about its gameplay and about its features. We’ll also discuss a bit more about the graphics and the music in the game. So, let’s get to it.

Gameplay and main features

This is a classic slot game if there ever was one. All the rules that you can find in other slot games can be found here. The gist of the matter is that you will need to do the usual things. Place a bet and hit the spin button. Sounds complicated, right?

To be fair, there are some nice additions to the game. One of the main additions is the bonus game. You will be able to read more about it in a paragraph below. For now, you need to know that you can learn how to play this game very easily. And this goes even if you have never played slot games in your life.

The game features overwhelmingly generous 178 pay lines. So, the odds of you winning something on each turn are rather high. You should still be mindful of the fact that there is an RTP in play here. This means that theoretically, you will lose money over the long run.

Theme, graphics and music

And so, we get to the most interesting part of the game. The theme, graphics and music. This is where the game’s strongest and weakest points are. We’ll begin with the weak point first. The weak point is that this game is a shameless rip-off from the Worms franchise. If you play videogames, then you have definitely seen some of the Worms games. The games are about worms that wage nuclear war against each other. They get guns and grenades and bazookas and napalm strikes and nuclear missiles. Some of the games in the franchise are classics.

Well, Platooners is much like worms in this sense. The platooners look like worms. They also have their own weapons. One worm has a minigun and another one is a grenadier. And some of the symbols are much to the tune of Worms. This is something that disenchants us with this game.

elk studios platooners slotHowever, we can’t really say that ELK has executed the theme badly. On the contrary, the game has a charm of its own. The visuals are beautifully drawn and animated. We think that you will come to love the artistic style of the game. It’s still a rip-off, but it’s not a mindless rip-off. The wor… err, platooners look very cute. They have their military helmets and weapons. And they battle the evil snake monster very convincingly.

There is no music while the game is in standby. Something that sounds like a musical tune plays every time you hit the spin button. You can turn it off at your own discretion. During the standby mode, you will hear random jungle sounds in the background. It sounds like some animal is whistling and crickets are chirping. It will make you feel like you’re in a jungle at that.

Symbols of the game

The lowest-value symbols in the game are the cards. There’s a jack, queen, king and ace. Most slot games feature these symbols. And then there are the more fun symbols. These are the medikit, binoculars, machete, and the army dog tags.

There’s also the wild symbol, present in most of the newer slot games. This symbol can take the place of various other slot symbols, except the scatter symbol. And you can use the wild in order to make a winning combination.
Finally, there’s the bonus symbol. This symbol will take you to the bonus game. All you need to do is get three or more of them. And you will be able to learn more about the bonus game below.

There are also random platooners that are automatically triggered in-game. These can give you some nice bonuses. The rockets platooner will cover the first and third reel with identical symbols. The grenades platooner will give you wild symbols on the third, fourth and fifth reels. Finally, the bullets platooner will give you a list of identical symbols on a pay line on the reels.

The bonus game

If you get three or more scatter symbols, then you will get access to the bonus game. Here, the platooners will wage their battle against the snake of fortune. If you beat the snake, then you will get the big prize. And the prize is, of course, money.

If there is one thing that we don’t like about this game is how long it is. It’s very, very long. It takes multiple rounds for the platooners to finally destroy the snake. To make things worse, the biggest potential bonus that you can get isn’t that big. The worms will shoot at the snake with their weapons, one at a time. If you’re lucky enough, then you will destroy it and get the prize. The more scatters you get, the better the platooners’ chance to win.

Platooners Slot – In conclusion

The game’s main fault is that it tries to copy another artistic style and idea. However, it does execute this style well. And there are many additional features that are (we hope) original. The game features very cute visuals and we think that you will like it. Be sure to try it out. If you find the idea of commanding a troop of platooners in their battle against the snake, go for it. ELK has once again made a game that really shines. Our only remark for them is that they don’t try and copy other people’s ideas next time.

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