Best Free Spins In The UK

Free Spins In The UK

There is no other way to put it, free spins are today’s most popular and most beneficial way to try a casino game. New Casino Star is a space where we are always updating the list of the top and most exclusive free spins deals. Free spins, for those who don’t know is a type of bonus that a player will get to try out a new game. Today’s there are many different way’s on how free spins are being presented, but the most popular one is the no deposit set up. This is so the player can have the chance get a bonus without having to make the required immediate deposit that we are used to. This is great for you, enabling you use free spins no deposit under no risk with chances of making money off the bat. The alternative way in using free spins bonus is by making a deposit which would increase your chances to win big. See the list below and start playing the games by using the best free spin bonus out there.

What Are Free Spins?


The term free spins have been adopted by the casino industry to enable players to play slot machines with little or no money commitments. It is a way for casino operators to be able to market and promote their casino games they offer and show off the generosity to the players. One free spin is essentially a one turn on the slot machine for free. For instance, if you get 20 free spins, you will get 20 spins for free allocated to the slot in question. The earnings you will accumulate as you use your free spins, will account directly to your bankroll which enables you to continue playing and test your luck to potentially make a lot of money. Free spins are one of those games that can make you earn a lot.

No Deposit

No deposit free spins as we stated before allowing you earn money off the bat without depositing any initial cash value from your pocket. This is something that most casino today’s offer at the registration process step, before even playing. It is a great method to test out a casino without any pressure, and if you aren’t satisfied and want bigger odds of winning, then you can get better free spin bonuses by making an initial money deposit.

There tons of online casino with free spins no deposit popping up every day, and it can be hard for players to choose the best ones. Luckily for you, this is what we are here for. The list above encompasses some of the online casinos that provide new players in the game and no deposit free spins lovers with games that offer the generous bonuses with free spins. But wait, not only this is a great way to play, earn without deposit, but you as a player, if you’ve accumulated earning throughout your free spins, you will be able to cash out and withdraw at any point without any wager requirement.

One thing we recommend you do when search for the best free spin bonus offers out there, is do a preliminary test to ensure the website and bonus are good and legitimate. In this industry, unfortunately, it isn’t rare to find shady site. But don’t worry, you do not need to be tech savvy to know the quality of the sites. Just make sure you compare the navigation, play various games within the same site and even contact the customer service number on the website.


Our list above provides the list of the best free spins bonus our team selects. We are constantly playing and testing all new games out there that offer the most valuable free spins and make our notes and observations based on real player human experience. The criteria are based on earning potential on number of free spins but also on chances of winning. Also keep in mind that our list is constantly in review as we are full time professional gamblers that have dedicated our knowledge and experience to monitor and test games for you. We also like to hear feedback on games in our list or suggestion on new games providing generous free spins that you think should be in our list.

Linking Free Spins And Loyalty Programs

In addition to free spins bonuses, players have also the opportunity to sing up for loyalty programs that are also called VIP. This is a way for casino operators to retain you as a customer and since competition is so high right now, they will be giving many different gifts, bonuses and much more. A strong recommendation we suggest, is for new players to sign up right at the beginning of liking a free spin game site provider. You will not be asked to spend money or such, instead you will become a member, and will receive many different types of free spins offers and bonuses ready to be collected. As a general rule, the more you use free spins, the more you will be rewarded. Understand the casino provide is interested in keeping you as customer but even better as an active costumer. Loyalty Programs are built on variation of packages to the customers. Some will be more equipped for new players and others for active players. As the name suggest, if you are part of a loyalty program you will also get plenty of free spin bonuses the longer you stick the same site. In addition, you will also have the chance to receive various product gifts.

Free Spin On New Games

If you someone that is looking for the best free spins in the game, the better way is to track down the release of new slot machines. Every time a new slot machine comes into play, operators will enable highly generous bonus to attract new customers. This promotional strategy can be applied to all the online casino games that launch. Attracting customers is their first aim, and since competition is fierce they have no choice but to present the best possible bonus offers that customers will take. For now, these come predominantly under frees spins format. The casino industry is one that operates at a very fast pace. This means, new games of all kinds are in the constant making. Consequently, all these games will come with big bonuses at the start for the new players. No deposit free spins which allows you to not take any risk to test the game is currently the one that is most popular. New slot machines, now will recurrently promote free spins no deposit to get you in the mix, but then if you are showing activity in the new game you are trying, you will get more free spins as a reward for your loyalty. Make sure to check at our list above for new games that offer high rewards, no deposit free spins but also cool innovative graphics and feature marks.

Free Spins Casino

By far, the most lucrative free spins offers you will find are under new casinos which are games specifically tailored to reward new comers. This doesn’t mean you won’t receive any offers once you become accustomed to an online casino, instead the freespins offers will keep coming if you maintain your activity level of play. You will not get the same deal you get when you start playing, the level on the free spins reward will depend on how much to you play the game. The casinos that target new players that offer fantastic free spin bonuses can also be called free spins casinos.

Free Spins 2018

2018 is already showing an improvement in the type of bonuses that player receive. A general rule of thumbs is that if an industry remains competitive, providers will be scrapping and fighting for customers. Along with the tech, this means we are to continuing see many different types of free spins in 2018. We discussed the no deposit free spins which have made their mark, we’re also seeing free spin casinos coming in which new casinos and free spins bonuses are interlinked specifically to new players. But on the other front, we are also starting to see a creative way to present these bonuses. The designs, the look and feel now matters more than before if a competing casino is trying to make their mark. 2018 is a year where the tech has reached a high-level access, meaning every-one can access devises and the net like never. The list above will show you 4 of the most creative games with the biggest free spin rewards. Make sure you scroll up, play and let us know which one your preferred by emailing us. We value your feedback and add it to the survey pool of online gamblers. 2018 is a year where the advantage is for the player, making competition focus be in the marketing element, good news for us players the battle is just getting started.


The benefits for players and especially new players is of high value. As long as competition remains, players will have bigger and better opportunities to make money while enjoying themselves. The biggest benefit at this point is the 2018 no deposit free spins. This is simple and a highly aggressive promo offer. Players now can try new game under no deposit and still make money. Something that didn’t exist or predicted back in the day. At least no to this level. Like us as online gambler aficionados we want to enhance your gaming experience. Our community of trusted players and in-house team work hard to select the best free spins 2018. But don’t take our word for it, scroll up and have a look at some of the top ranked list we have selected. We pride ourselves to be independent and our choice is strictly selected to the benefit of the player. 2018 best free spins are just above, enjoy and feel free to give us any feedback on games you have played in which you want to inform the community and help us make a better gambling gaming world.

Casino Free Spins And How They Work

Our favourite thing about an online casino is free spins and free instant online slots. Upon sign up to our online casino, live casino, or new casino in 2018 you can choose your favourite game, or one you fancy playing, for free to start off with. The benefit of doing so is that you can find the game you can master before deciding to wager real money and win real money through an online casino. As you discover more of the online casino world in 2018 you’ll notice many offers for new casinos. Once you’ve logged into your online casino account you’ll be credited with bonus; this then gives you the freedom to access your favourite spins for free until your credits run out – use this time wisely to discover your favourite free spins and assess how good you can play on the online casino when you decide to wager real money. Free spins are a great way to introduce you to the spin reels, practice your hand and become the master of the spins!

If you’re new to free spins it may be tempting to dive straight in and wager all of your spins, however, be mindful that there is a term called wagering requirements. So, before claiming your free spins, check out the bonus’s wagering requirements to see how many times you’ll need to play your free spins before being allowed to withdraw all of your winnings. Another term you may come across is coin value; coin value determines how much the coin your playing is worth, so some free spins may be of a low coin value meaning that it will be harder to win big. However, as we’ve said, it’s a great introduction to the spin reels and you’ll likely find with a bit of practice you can start to win big with real money.

The next burning question about the online casino market in 2018 is whether you play free spins and free slots with a casino bonus or not. It’s entirely up to you whether you play with or without casino bonuses; if you like the flexibility of being able to sign up to your favourite online casino, place your bets, and cash in your wins without restrictions, that’s great. However, you may be missing out on some extra casino bonuses to make your 2018 online casino experience even better! Playing with a casino bonus means you have extra cash to play with. It may sound a little surprising, but some online casinos now offer free spins with no wagering requirements – how cool is that? With the freedom of no conditions to fulfil, you can continue playing using the bags of cash you’ve won with your casino bonus and free spins, or withdraw your winnings – that’s the great thing about online casinos in 2018. So even if you’re a little apprehensive about using a casino bonus, you can take advantage of the great deals that are on offer, and make your way into being a master live casino player. When you first step into the world of online casino in the UK it may be a little confusing faced with many offers and casino bonuses. What do you do with them, how do I use them, do they actually work? As we’ve discussed before, keeping an eye on the wagering requirements for casino bonuses is the first thing you should do; ensure that you know the real cost and value of your casino bonus. An example of a wagering requirement may help some newcomers get to grips with what it’s all about. If a wagering requirement for your casino bonus is 25x this means you need to wager your bonus 25 times at an online casino before you can cash out on your winnings. It may seem complicated at first, but once you understand how much you’re wagering and how much you can withdraw, you’ll be able to assess how to use your casino bonus most effectively.